About the database


This database is intended to be used by researchers in the field of radiology and neurology.


The database comprises of 132 healthy subjects (Men:Women = 65:67), aged 22-67 years, free of neurological and psychiatric illnesses. The subjects are divided into groups of 10, depending on age and sex. (For statistical comparison, use the appropriate subject group).

This database allows statistical comparison of FA between normal individuals and patients with neurological disorders.(Note: Prior to comparison, FA map of the patient needs to be normalized.)

Spatial normalization and smoothing were carried out using SPM99.

The image data are in Analyze Format (16 bit).

For more details about imaging parameters, please refer to the next section "imaging parameters and processing".

Imaging parameters and processing

Imaging parameters

MRimager: 1.5 T Magnetom Symphony (Siemens Medical System)
Sequence: Single-shot spin-echo echo-planar diffusion tensor imaging
TR: 5100 ms
TE: 139 ms
FOV: 240 mm x 240 mm
Matrix size: 128 x 128
NEX: 2
MPG directions 12
Imaging plane: axial
Slice thickness : 5 mm
Interslice gap: 1.5 mm
b-value : 1000 s/mm²
number of slices: 23


Construction of FA
Workstation : Dr. view/ LINUX version Release 2.5
Formula used: FA =
Output: Analyse format(16bit)
Spatial normalization
Algorithm: SPM99
Interpolation: Sinc
Algorithm: SPM99
FWHM: 8mm

Terms and Conditions of use

This database is limited to be used for non-commercial research work ONLY.

Materials downloaded may only be used in their original form and may not be modified from their original form. You may not attempt to duplicate or distribute any of the material. You may not "pass-off" the password to the third parties.

If the research conducted using this database is presented for publication or dissemination, acknowledgement to "Drs. Khin Khin Tha, Satoshi Terae, Kohsuke Kudo, Kazuo Miyasaka, Department of Radiology, Hokkaido University Graduate School of Medicine" should be mentioned.

This database may contain errors. Further, use of different MR imagers and imaging conditions may lead to inappropriate results. Any responsibility about the results is not taken.

In particular, the database is supplied as is. No formal support or maintenance is provided or implied.

To download the database, please send us email at the following address (Please mention: Subject: FA database).
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