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2015 Gastrointestinal Cancers Symposium, San Francisco, USA, 2015.1.15-17

●Yuki S, Nakatsumi H, Hideyuki H, Fukushima H, Kato T, Meguro T, Nakamura M, Iwanaga I, Eto K, Sato A, Okuda H, Oba A, Miyagishima T, Muto O, Yabusaki S, Miyamoto N, Kudo K, Sakamoto N, Sakata Y, Komatsu Y、Patients with Metastatic Colorectal Cancer treated with Bevacizumab-based Chemotherapy: HGCSG0802


ASTRO 57th Annual meeting, San Antonio 2015.10.18-21.

●  Inoue T, Okamoto S, Watanabe S, Yasuda K, Katoh N, Harada K, Onimaru R, Shiga T, Tamaki N, Kuge Y, Shirato H: Respiration-gated 18F-fluoromisonidazole PET/CT for stage I non-small cell lung cancer treated by stereotactic body radiotherapy. (poster)

●  Hashimoto T, Demizu Y, Isobe T, Numajiri H, Fukuda S, Wakatsuki M, Yamashita H, Murayama S, Takamatsu S, Katoh S, Murata K, Kohno R, Arimura T, Matsuura T, Ito Y.M: Particle therapy using protons or carbon ions for cancer patients with cardiac implantable electronic devices (CIEDs): A retrospective Japan Radiological Society multi-institutional study (一般演題、ポスター)

●  Shimizu S, Katoh N, Takao S, Matsuura T, Miyamoto N, Hashimoto T, Nishioka K, Yoshimura T, Matsuzaki Y, Kinoshita R, Nishikawa Y, Onimaru R, Umegaki K, Shirato H: Treatment of respiratory moving liver tumor using gated spot scanning proton beam therapy system with real-time tumor-tracking function.

●  Nishikawa Y, Yasuda K, Okamoto S, Ito Y, Mori T, Onimaru R, Shiga T, Tsuchiya K, Watanabe S, Takeuchi W, Katoh N, Kuge Y, Tamaki N, Shirato H. The Voxel-based Analysis of [18F]FMISO-PET Image in Patients with Local Recurrence of Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma.


54th Annual Conference of the Particle Therapy Co-Operative Group (PTCOG), San Diego, 2015.5.18-23.

●  Tsuchiya K, Nishikawa N, Toramatsu C, Yoshimura T, Matsuura T, Yasuda K, Onimaru R, Shimizu S, Suzuki R, Umegaki K, Shirato H Dosimetric comparison of intensity-modulated proton therapy and intensity-modulated radiotherapy for hypopharyngeal cancer: in-silico study (一般演題、ポスター)


4D Treatment Planning Workshop 2015, Dresden, Germany, 2015. 11. 26-27.

●  Shimizu S, Katoh N, Kentaro N, Hashimoto T, Inoue T, Matsuura T, Takao S, Matsuzaki Y,Fujii Y, Tamura M, Onimaru R, Umegaki K, Shirato H: Initial clinical experience of spot-scanning proton beam therapy using real-time-image gated proton-beam therapy system.


15th International Congress of Radiation ResearchICRR 2015 Kyoto, Japan, 2015.5.25–29.

●  Mori T, Onimaru R, Kobayashi K, Yasuda K, Toyonaga T, Manabe O, Hirata K, Shiga T, Tamaki N, Shirato H: Evaluation of hypoxia in metastatic brain tumor using 18F-labeled fluoromisonidazole (FMISO) positron emission tomography

●  Nishikawa Y, Yasuda K, Tsuchiya K, Onimaru R, Suzuki R, Harada Y, Harada K, Katoh N, Nishioka K, and Shirato H. Effect of set-up error on dose distribution of intensity-modulated radiation therapy for nasopharyngeal carcinoma close to the brain stem.


5th Asian Congress of Abdominal Radiology (29回腹部放射線学会併催) Hamamatsu, 2015.6.19-21.

●  Yabusaki S, Oyama-Manabe N, Takakuwa E, Miyajima N, Shinohara N, Yoshino Y, Mimura R, Kato F, Miyamoto N, Kudo K: A case of adrenal large mass with massive hemorrhage


ASCB Annual meeting, San Diego, 2015.12.12-16.

●  Wu PH, Onodera Y, Ichikawa Y, Watanabe Y, Qian W, Hashimoto T, Shirato H, Nam JM: Effects of RGD peptide conjugated gold nanoparticles in Breast Cancer Cells with ionization radiation.


23rd ISMRMTronto, Canada2015.6.1-5.

●  Kudo K, Uwano I, Hirai T, Nakamura H, Fujima N, Yamashita F, Goodwin J, Higuchi S, Sasaki M:Diagnostic Performance of Dynamic Susceptibility Contrast Perfusion in Glioma Grading: Comparison of Cerebral Blood Volume among Different Analysis Software


CIRSE 2015 (Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiological Society of Europe)Lisbon2015.9.26-30.

●  Sakuhara Y, Nishio S, Soyama T, Abo D, Takahashi B, Kimura T, Kudo K:An exploratory study of transcatheter arterial embolization with microspheres for symptomatic enlarged polycystic liver.


Asian Oceanian Congress of Neuroradiology, Fukuoka, 2015.11.5-7.

Yoshida A, Kudo K, Yabe I, Tanaka M, Sasaki H, Shirato H:Evaluation of spinocerebellar ataxia type 6 (SCA6) by diffusion kurtosis imaging with tract-based spatial statistics.





●Tha KK, Katscher U, Yamaguchi S, Terasaka S, Stehningn C, Fujima N,Kudo K, Shirato H.:Electrical conductivity characteristics of meningiomas: the results of a noninvasive assessment.


63回北海道血管造影・Interventional Radiology研究会,札幌,2015.2.14.

● 作原祐介、西尾妙織、阿保大介、曽山武士、高橋文也、木村輔、工藤與亮:多発性肝嚢胞に対するエンボスフィアを用いたTAE〜1年間の経過観察

●  曽山武士、作原祐介、木村輔、高橋文也、阿保大介、工藤與亮:子宮頸癌に対する放射線治療後の膀胱内出血に対し TAE を施行した1 例

●  宮本憲幸、薮崎哲史、加藤扶美、真鍋徳子、木村輔、吉野裕紀、高橋文也、曽山武士、阿保大介、作原祐介、工藤興亮:術前経皮経肝門脈塞栓術の残肝体積増加率:EOBMRIによる比較検討

●  阿保大介、作原祐介、曽山武士、高橋文也、木村輔、工藤興亮、柿坂達彦、横尾英樹、神山俊哉、荘拓也、小川浩司:FPD搭載IVRシステム導入後のHCCに対する超選択的Lip-TACEの治療成績



●  西岡健太郎、丸山覚、清水伸一、安部崇重、橋本孝之、木下留美子、加藤徳雄、原田慶一、篠原信雄、鬼丸力也、白土博樹:Safety and stability of implantation of gold markers into the soft bladder wall by rigid cystoscopy

●   木下留美子、吉村高明、清水伸一、西川由記子、西岡健太郎、橋本孝之、松浦妙子、高尾聖心、梅垣菊男、白土博樹:Is spot scanning proton therapy following breast conservation surgery beneficial ?



●   Myojin M, Ito K, Onodera Y, Takahashi H, Shimura R, Shimizu S,  Hosokawa M, Impact of Endoscopic Tumor Length and 3D Conformal RT Planning Method as Predictive Factors of Prognosis for Patients with cT4 Esophageal Squamous Cell Carcinoma Treated with Chemoradiotherapy.

●   加藤扶美、工藤與亮、藤原太郎、Jeff Wang、杉森博行、山下啓子、細田充

主、三村理恵、宮本憲幸、真鍋徳子:3T MRIを用いた浸潤性乳癌の拡散尖度画像の検討:腋窩リンパ節転移予測における有用性

●   真鍋徳子、富山勇樹、真鍋治、加藤知恵次、杉森博之、菊池穏香、加藤扶美、工藤與亮、宮本憲幸、玉木長良:How to quantify cardiac Perfusion MRI at 3 Tesla in comparison with water PET

●   阿保大介、作原祐介、曽山武士、高橋文也、工藤與亮、安部崇重、丸山覚、森田研、篠原信雄:Transcatheter arterial embolization for renal bleeding or pseudoaneurysm after partial nephrectomy


39回日本頭頸部癌学会, 神戸, 2014.6.3-6

● 土屋和彦、安田耕一、鬼丸力也、白土博樹、本間明宏、福田諭、清水康秋田弘俊:当院における下咽頭癌に対する強度変調放射線治療



●   清水伸一:最先端陽子線治療装置に託された使命,第52回全国自治体病院学会(特別講演)



●   清水伸一:量子医理工学グローバルステーションの挑戦(シンポジウム)



●   清水伸一:光子線治療学から粒子線治療学へ(シンポジウム)



●   明神美弥子,細川正夫,高橋宏明,岡原聡,渡邉昭仁,小林勇太,清水伸一:CePH型頸部食道癌の根治的CRTは局所進行頭頸部癌治療に学ぶべきか.



●   阿保大介、作原祐介、曽山武士、高橋文也、工藤與亮、安部崇重、丸山覚、森田研、篠原信雄:Transcatheter arterial embolization for renal bleeding or pseudoaneurysm after partial nephrectomy



●   加藤扶美、工藤與亮、水戸寿々子、森祐生、海谷佳孝、山下啓子、Jeff Wang、細田充主、菅野宏美、山本貢、三村理恵、薮崎哲史、坂本圭太、真鍋徳子、白土博樹:3T MRIにおけるPMViewを用いた乳腺腫瘍の血流解析と病理学的因子に関する検討



●   加藤扶美、三村理恵、金野陽輔、渡利英道、坂本圭太、薮崎哲史、真鍋徳子、櫻木範明、工藤與亮:片側の瘢痕子宮に出血を認めたMayer-Rokitansky-Kuster-Hauser症候群の一例

●   三村理恵、加藤扶美、 Khin Khin Tha、 工藤興亮、金野陽輔、加藤達矢、渡利英道、櫻木範明、真鍋徳子、白土博樹:半自動手法を用いたADC値のHistogram解析に関する検討:卵巣境界悪性腫瘍と卵巣癌の鑑別は可能か?



●  南ジンミン、小野寺康仁、佐邊壽孝、白土博樹:放射線照射後の乳腺上皮細胞の3次元構造維持に関わる分子機序の解析



●   森田亮、佐藤幸彦、田口大志、山下知剛、渡辺直也、山本修司、梶山政義:肩甲骨骨折に伴う腋窩動脈損傷に対してカバードステントを留置した一例


JSIR, ISIR & APCIO, Miyazaki, 2015.5.28-30

●  Soyama T, Sakuhara Y, Kimura T, Takahashi B, Abo D, Kudo K: Paraplegia following bilateral internal iliac artery embolization for bladder bleeding after radiotherapy for uterine cervical cancer




● 白土博樹:第13回産学官連携功労者表彰 文部科学大臣賞
● 森崇:ICRR 2015 Excellent Poster Award
● 森崇:ICRR 2015 Young Investigators Travel Award
● 吉田篤司:10th Asian Oceanian Congress of Neuroradiology Fukuoka City Award Magna Cum