Message from Professor Hiroki Shirato

It is completely false that Department of Radiology is the department which deals with only “radiation”.  The name of “Department of Radiology” is using the “Radiation” as a symbol to represent its essential character that “we first absorb cutting-edge physics and technology into medicine and continue to discover novel knowledge and its application”.

You cannot imagine how Department of Radiology Hokkaido University School of Medicine has contributed in last 60 years and acted as the frontier in medicine.  Many medical students and graduate students who are interested in the application of new physical discovery and engineering technology into medicine are gathering to this department from all over the world.   Precise diagnosis detecting 1-mm abnormality in the body by performing CT or MRI is now possible to be seen in any ward in the hospital using PACS which was firstly achieved in Hokkaido University Hospital in 1989.

Gated external radiotherapy by using fluoroscopic real-time tumor-tracking of a cancer in the moving organs with 1-mm accuracy has been developed and applied to the patients first in the world in Hokkaido University Hospital in 1999.

Grossly speaking, there are two groups in Department of Radiology: (1) diagnostic radiology and interventional radiology and (2) radiation oncology. Not only physicians but doctors in physics or technology are required in our department because of the overwhelming demands to computers and black-box which are not well managed with old-style principles and practice of medicine.


I hope that young physicians and scientists, who are interested in the radiology science and have a mind to diagnose or treat patient with warm mind, will come to our department and knock the door of our room anytime they want.